The Phone Paintings

A rather simple idea actually. It started with Connie painting something of her own choosing, then she passed the painting along to Lauren who did a painting that was somehow reflective of Connie's, and she passed it onto Elaine, who only saw Lauren's painting, and so it went through the eleven of us, the only paintings we ever saw were the ones we were responding to and the ones we ourselves did. The whole process took about a year, and in the middle of June 2002 we had our first look at all eleven paintings.

Elaine's Rotating Gif #1 Connie Dugan
#11 Alan Bell #2 Lauren Goffen
#10 Anne Boehmcke #3 Elaine Osborne
#9 Steve Meyer #4 Ron Baizer
#8 Vivian Klingensmith #5 Ken Schadt
#7 Nani Murphy #6 Lindsay Leghorn