We've been taking the Truman College Continuing Education watercolor class for some time now. Last year we decided we were ready to put on a show. But we wanted to do something a little different, a little something to set the show apart

Even though we've been together so long, one to ten years, everyone has their own style of painting, so we thought we could highlight this by everyone say, painting their own version of, well of what, the same object, a bird, a cat, a tree, maybe something taken from the same photo?

But what would the image be? What to do? What to do? Well how about - and here we glanced down at an open book of Master Paintings in The Art Institute of Chicago - Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat!

Well sure, here's a painting everybody knows, and it's chock full of stuff. Let's do it. Let's say, everybody do their own version of it, or maybe everybody do their own little piece of it. Well pretty good idea, but, you know, what if?

What if we took a Xerox of the painting, and cut it up into sixteen pieces, and put them into a hat, and everybody put their hand into the hat, and drew out a piece (some twice since their were fewer than sixteen of us), and then we did each one in our own style, and tben we took them and put them together, well what would we have then?

Well this is what we ended up with.

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